About me

Supporting people & organisations in their sustainable development is my greatest passion.

More than 15 years I have been working in large and small companies in the role of communicator, initiator and organizer of learning & development programs, finding, motivating and managing talents, as well as creating the environment for this to happen.

When I was introduced to coaching as way of supporting and promoting human development in 2014 that has become my vocation. I was fortunate enough to be trained in Intunity Coaches Training Program, implemented with great dedication by Gerry and Plamen Petrov. In addition to international coaching standards, I found the power of boundless creativity when it came to supporting the manifestation of a person’s potential.

Later on acquaintance with a number of methods of facilitation, establishing company culture, building effective teams draw my attention in the area of supporting also organizational transformation.

Years before 2014, my closest and dearest Polly was the first to recognize my ability to provoke and encourage the development of people around me.

And I’m grateful that life first confronts me with practice, and then comes theory to upgrade my skills.

How do you discover and implement your talents?

It will be an honor for me to support you along the way!

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