what is it?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) definition: coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client (individual or team) in a process that provokes reflection and creativity and inspires the client to increase his or her personal and professional potential.

Each coaching partnership:

  • starts with a preliminary conversation to make the expectations and opportunities clear,
  • is based on an agreement signed by both parties governing the principles and conditions of coaching,
  • requires persistence, time and energy to get effective results.

ICF Ethics FAQ


Career development and mentoring

You need a Change?

One of the most challenging choices is the one of our professional path. Sometimes the career chooses us and this way could be an advantage or exactly the opposite. After years of dedication to a certain profession, it often happens that we realise we need a change.

How can I support you:

  • facilitating the process of choosing a personal career path by using different creative approaches,
  • identifying priorities that meet the desired next step,
  • long-term support in the process of implementing each and every step – preparation, implementation, reaching out career goal. 

We are talking about mentoring here – the approach helps from the perspective of mentor’s expertise in support of client’s goals. And this is a slight difference with coaching where main purpose is coach to be neutral and create value from the position “I believe my client is the expert for his next steps”. Mentoring works when specific professional guidance is needed.


How is it?

Supporting constructive discussions on specific organisational, strategic, leadership topics. Various methods can be used in facilitation:

  • graphical
  • gamification
  • systemic

By using different facilitation tools that empower group or team wisdom integration we can build strong commitment and agreement on what is important to be improved or changed in all aspects of people development, company culture & environment. Thus, the next steps are validated, sustainable and leading to the desired goal.

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